Customers worldwide rely on SYSTHERMS GmbH

Until today we have delivered more than 250 furnaces in more than 20 countries worldwide. To our customers are counting well-known companies from the fields of commercial heat treatment, aerospace, medical, automotive and steel industry. We are always ready to show you these plants (the agreement with our customer provided).

Aerospace industry

Our customers are NADCAP members of the aerospace industry . This certification requires a high quality standard for special heat treatments. Due to proved technology and innovative technique all Systherms heat treatment plants comply reliably with these requirements.


Automobile industry

Just-in-time deliveries and high demands in the automobile industry require a superior rate of reliability of the plants and heat treatments which can be always reproduced with a consistent high quality. Our customers of the automobile industry count on reliability, long-life cycle, precision and energy efficiency of the Systherms furnaces.


Medical engineering

Products of the medical industry as e.g. implants must comply with the highest standards regarding wear resistance, reproducibility of production and many more items. Basis for this is the ISO 13485. Our heat treatment plants fulfill and exceed all requirements which are in relation with the production of such sensitive products.


Glass industry

Customers of the glass industry use our furnaces for purification and surface refinement of quartz glass. For these treatments an extremely high purity of the furnace atmosphere is necessary. Systherms furnaces of this type are used since many years by all leading manufacturers of quartz glass.


Steal industry

Here, our furnaces are mainly used for the classical heat treatment of half-finished products. Big quantities require a reproducible quality. Also therefore now a lot of customers rely on our plants made in Germany.

Contract heat treatment workshops

Compared with our industry customers the heat treatment workshops due to mostly smaller lot sizes with changing requirements depend on a furnace with secure processes. Our design in connection with our intelligent control allow for a universal application of Systherms heat treatment plants.